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Become a Birkman Consultant

Birkman Method Certification Training covers the background, scales, and reporting from The Birkman Method® assessment. The purpose of this training is to provide the consulting professional with the expertise to accurately analyze and interpret results produced by The Birkman Method assessment. Completion of the Birkman Method Certification Training accredits the professional with access to the full range of reporting available from The Birkman Method assessment.

Cost: R40,000 for the 3-day facilitation, materials and lunch/breaks

Upcoming Birkman Certification Training Dates:

Birkman Certified Consultants are required to complete continuing education courses provided by Birkman International. At least 20 credits of Birkman professional development training must be completed every three years to maintain accreditation. Professional development training is provided in classroom and online formats.

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