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Birkman International

Birkman International is based in Houston, Texas and was founded by Roger W. Birkman in 1951, Ph.D. (1919-2014) who became interested in individual differences between people while serving as a pilot and pilot instructor for the U.S. Air Force in the 1940s. His interest in and experience with the impact of human perceptions and misperceptions, behaviours and motivations led him to study psychology and to develop a unique assessment tool called The Birkman Method® which is web based today and accessible 24/7.

Backed by 60 years of research and rigorous scientific validation, the Birkman Method® has become an industry standard for personal, team and leadership development.

Today the International Birkman team continues to ensure scientific quality and excellence through continued research internally and in collaboration with business and academia.

Since 2002 Dr Birkman’s daughter, Sharon Birkman Fink, is acting in the role of President and CEO.

The company is passionate about understanding people and “helping them create better relationships, better careers, and better lives.”

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