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Birkman SA Leaders

Drs. Marcia Ball and Jennie Cerullo, directors of Kerus Institute for Training and Coaching serve as the South Africa Learning Partners for Birkman International.  As Senior Level Trainers and under a special agreement with Birkman International, Drs. Ball and Cerullo certify and launch all new Birkman Consultants for South Africa. With over 10 years of university teaching, multiple publications and training experience in over 50 nations across the globe, Drs. Cerullo and Ball leverage their expertise certifying Birkman consultants to interpret the Birkman assessment results and to address a wide variety of organizational needs in culturally diverse settings.

Louise Henderson, BSc, MSc


Louise Henderson is a lecturer at the University of South Africa and a Registered Psychological Counsellor. Her expertise is in the areas of Psychopathology, Physiological and Neuropsychology, Monitoring and Evaluation, and holds a masters degree in Research Psychology. She is actively involved in community research projects and has served both as Research Manager for a regional Non-profit Organisation and on the Board of Directors of South African Non-profit Organisations. She has a special interest in Youth Mental Health, HIV/Aids prevention programming development and research. Louise is a certified Birkman Consultant.

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