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The Birkman Method® allows for sophisticated profiling of your perceptions and behaviors. Apart from the report and the feedback session by one of our Certified Birkman Consultants we offer short and long term coaching services to apply insights in ways to maximize your goals.  We offer the following coaching services:

  • Career Coaching – selecting an occupation and managing your career path
  • Team coaching – elevating team communication and performance
  • Wellness coaching – enhancing psycho-social well-being for self and important relationships

As we grow in personal awareness of our interests, needs and behaviors, we can manage our lives more successfully and be more satisfied with our life choices. Our coaches believe that the interrelated dimensions of our lives; which include the physical, mental, social, emotional, occupational, and spiritual parts of who we are, contribute to our sense of meaning and purpose in life. To become more aware and to develop skills to manage our lives releases us to be productive members in our homes and in our workplaces – this includes building stronger relationships, overcoming self-sabotaging beliefs and managing our stress in productive ways.

We offer The Birkman Method®, an international scientifically proven assessment used in over 8,000 companies and institutions of higher education around the globe as the anchor assessment for all of our coaching relationships. The Birkman is an on-line assessment with a 90-minute feedback session with a Birkman certified coach to discuss the results. Various Birkman Method® reports will be used throughout the coaching process.

Coaching Report Sample

To get started:

  • Contact us on or phone us on +27 (0) 87 720 1046.
  • Take The Birkman Method® Assessment and participate in a one-to-one 90-minute feedback session
  • Participate in 8-12 sessions with a wellness coach

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