Features of The Birkman Method® 2017-12-07T20:29:56+02:00

Features of The Birkman Method®

  • Online (BirkmanDirect®)
  • 298 questions (250 true-false, 48 multi-choice)
  • 30-45 minutes (average time to complete)
  • Results available immediately after completion
  • Questionnaire translated into over 20 languages
  • Dozens of report formats for individuals, pairs, and groups

Measures of The Birkman Method®

  • Usual Behaviour – effective behavioural styles for tasks and relationships.
  • Underlying Needs – internal perceptions and expectations for how tasks and relationships should be governed.
  • Stress Behaviour – ineffective behavioural styles when needs go unmet.
  • Interests – vocational and avocational preferences.
  • Occupational – 22 job families, 200+ job titles.
  • Management Styles – approach to managing tasks and people.
  • Work Environment – the work environment that brings the best support and fit.

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