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Personal Wellness

Self-awareness is key to the positive self-management we need to achieve optimal health and wellness. The Birkman Method® helps people to understand themselves in relation to others and provides practical recommendations to choose a healthy life path. With scientifically accurate information the assessment unlocks personal truths that allows people to make little changes that reap huge benefits. As they become more aware of their own perceptions, needs, strengths and stress responses they are empowered to manage their lives and relationships more successfully.

Companies around the globe use the Birkman to enhance communication skills, reduce stress and increase productivity for their clients.  Coaches use The Birkman Method® Assessment because it is a powerful tool providing valuable information to individuals who are intentional about their growth and development.  Universities use it to help students get to critical answers about how they learn, think, decide, communicate and relate to self and others.

With the knowledge gained in a Birkman Report and time spent with a certified Birkman Consultant to help you apply it, understanding of yourself and those around you will unleash new potential for personal happiness, meaning and productivity.

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