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“The Birkman Your Team on Safari Seminar that Kerus did for us is one of the most meaningful—and memorable—learning and discovery times that my team at TWR has ever experienced.  The whole day was brilliantly orchestrated by Marcia and Jennie with extremely creative, engaging and fun learning exercises that helped the members of my team to visually experience what quadrants each team member fit into and to better grasp the dynamics of our interactions.  It was all done in a way that that helped us value our God-given differences and to understand that each of us has a unique role to play.  My team members keep asking me when we can do it again.”
Tom Watkins, Director Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, TWR


“Birkman Experience” was absolutely amazing for our office. We are a medical practice, with the obvious importance on how we interact with our patients (customers). Furthermore, we are an OB/GYN practice of 35+ women staff, with the obvious opportunities for conflict and drama. Going through the Birkman was exciting for the staff. It is common lunchtime conversation during and since the process, as our staff can relate to each other via their “color.” They enjoyed getting to understand themselves and each other, and they would be the first to tell you how helpful it was to them as individuals and as co-workers. We can see a definite difference in how the staff relate to each other and have demonstrated improved customer service. I am grateful we became aware of the program directed by Marcia and Jennie. They are a powerhouse in the presentation and implementation of the program, and they invest themselves and their time into making it a success for their client. I would definitely and highly recommend this program to any business, but it is especially helpful in situations where the public is met and dealt with on many differing and important personal and medical issues”.
Cathy Slusher M.D., Harrisonburg OB/GYN


“Marcia and her business partner, Jennie Cerrullo,conducted a 2 day professional development for my Leadership Team at JMU. Using the Birkman Method, they created an experience that was revealing to team dynamics, inspirational to all and created positive change amongst the participants. Marcia (and Jennie) did not shy away from the difficult conversations, asked poignant questions and challenged the entire group to go well beyond their comfort zones. I hired Kerus Institute for Training & Coaching a second time in December 2013 to work with members of a Women’s Leadership Seminar at James Madison University. It was equally as good! These trainers are excellent and I recommend them without reservation! Whether you are working with teams that operate under stress, have different management styles, work in volatile work environments, or want to enhance their current work behaviors, needs and interests, Kerus Institute can help you improve your most valuable resource . . . your people!”
Caroline Campbell, President’s Office, James Madison University


“We did the Birkman Assessment with our staff team at church and it proved to be extremely helpful. As a result of the training, our team understands each other better has created a better work environment for our team. Personally, the assessment gave me a better understanding of how I am wired and made me more self aware.  Dr. Marcia and Dr. Jennie did a wonderful job leading, facilitating, and guiding our time together. This investment in our team continues to pay dividends and I would highly recommend this for those who want to strengthen their teams.” 
Kevin Tremper, Senior Pastor, CrossRoads Church


“Prior to taking the Birkman test the path ahead of me seemed crammed with many unknowns and questions. Now I not only understand all my strengths but also all my weaknesses. The Birkman test has confirmed many facts I know about myself and at the same time it has unveiled many aspects of myself that were unknown to me. I’ve been steered in a clear direction in terms of my career and I’ve been able to delve into ‘myself’ in order to act more effectively in my personal affairs as well as everything pertaining to my studies and career”.
Tamara Leidenberg (20), Individual


“I took the Birkman Test after having been to several Career counsellors and having done a couple of other tests. None of what I got back (mostly nothing in writing) compared with the results from the Birkman test. I was puzzled how the statements about me could have drawn from the questions asked and how spot on the results were. I learned a lot about myself especially about my needs and some aspects, I was not aware of before but that will influence the way, I interact with other people and how I see myself. I also finally made the decision not to become a doctor (the direction, everybody seems to suggest) and rather go into engineering – which is far more in line with who I am and where my interests lie”.
I. Pretorius (17), Matric Student


“I only took the Birkman after enrolled for a Ba – and in first year, I realized that the subjects are not exciting me that much. The results from the Birkman test point into the direction of a Bcomm rather than a BA – and of all my subjects I enjoy economics the most. The test also showed that I shall function well in a corporate environment, sales and functions which allow for interaction with stakeholders. If I had taken the Birkman first, I could have saved myself one year of studying the wrong subject. I also liked to find out more about my communication style and all the information related to me approaching the job search and job interviews. I can recommend this test to everybody who wants find out about their best future choices. “The Birkman assessment is the most accessible and helpful career consultation experience I have come across. A simple internet test with remarkable insight. Thought provoking and causing a re-evaluation of my concept of who I am as a person and how my general life preferences tie into my ideal work conditions and desires. The feedback session was especially helpful as I was able to query and explore as much as I wished which allowed for time to consider and ponder on all the ideas the Birkman had given me.”
A. Pretorius (20), Varsity Student


“In an environment where excellence seems to be the status quo, the Birkman analysis has a way to capture an individual’s mode of behavior in such a way that an individual feels equipped and capable to operate in a competitive environment with his own unique set of skills. Birkman highlights, emphasizes and offers you copious amount of relevant information to assist in making sound decisions. On a personal level, I had the benefit to observe Ulrike’s immense insight and passion for offering direction. Her professional and sincere manner, encourages one to trust the process. This offers you a one stop solution for even the most uncertain individuals”.
James M (20), Johannesburg, Individual


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